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Alchemy Earth Bound Chakra Crystal Roller 10ml

Alchemy Earth Bound Chakra Crystal Roller 10ml

Earth Bound – The Space Between @LawzwithWickArt


Earth Bound (Gateway to Our Inner Realms) is described as a Breath of fresh air, it is very calming and allows us to experience Tranquility even when the outer world is crumbling away.


It is a potion of Transformation & Expansion whose essence connects us deep within the Earth’s Core Layers. Goddess ISIS transports us to merge into the Chrysalis stage as we Rebirth & Reconnect to our Cosmic Energy and see our world through these Pure Eyes. She assists us in embodying our own unique coding from our stars & grounding these energies into Earth.


Earthbound is described as the space between, as it gives us insight into comprehending circumstances that have often felt out of our control, by giving us the courage to move beyond these circumstances that have been detrimental to our wellbeing.


Ritualistic Uses- Roll onto Hands & Feet- Annoint your crown and use in tips of hair (Soul Avatar)Massage onto skin to Anchor + Ground.
(Dropper Bottle available 30ml for $55- Add 5-6 Drops in Bath).


Hawaiian Sandalwood, Sacred Frankincense, Cinnamonum Zeylancium, Green Mandarin, Sweet Orange Laurel Leaf, Balsam Fir, Ginger Root C02, Pink Grapefruit, Oregano, Kumquat, Juniper Berries, Peach Moonstone, Sardonyx, Moonstone, Willow Bark & Love.


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