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Alchemy Highest Consciousness Chakra Crystal Roller

Alchemy Highest Consciousness Chakra Crystal Roller

Highest Consciousness - The Creator in Me (Crown Activation) 10ml


Highest Consciousness establishes Pure Connections to your own Source Light. It creates the opportunity to connect with your Highest Self & shares the Highest Vibration ‘Love’ to allow you to know and acknowledge your Love is Infinite. From this place where we see ourselves as a Loving Being we can alter any limiting perceptions we’ve held of Self to allow us to truly connect to our Highest Consciousness with more Ease.

In this new state of being we are able to know we are our own Creators & our possibilities are Endless. As our own Creator we can surrender to Control & Resistance around change with more Love & Grace & take the leap of Faith to be more aligned with ourselves & our unique Soul Blue Prints.

Highest Consciousness holds many Transformative codes & sheds a light on questioning our perceptives around hardship. This shoft can allow us to enjoy the Duality of Life & seeing each lesson that’s presented as equally as important for True alignemnt & Unity with Self.

Anoint Highest Consciousness on your Crown, Higher Heart & Where your Soul Calls for it to go

Ingredients – Rose, Rose Geranium, Rosewood, Lime, Myrrh, Frankincense, Copaiba, Owyhee Peach, Cypress, Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Galbanu, Buchu, Fo Ti, MCT & Macadamia Oil, Dried Rosemary, Peach Moonstone.

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