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Alchemy Venus Rose Chakra Crystal Roller 10ml

Alchemy Venus Rose Chakra Crystal Roller 10ml

Venus aids in softening the heart as she supports us towards connecting with a unified love for Self. She is an essence that shares a deep & nurturing love that assists us towards healing the pains of the past and restoring our relationships with ourself, as we merge into Loving Who we really are and exploring a state of mind that’s free of judgement towards Self & Others.  

Her Love dresses our wounds by allowing us to surrender with ease to the process of accessing a deeper love within. Her Vibrational allows us to transmute the experiences & karmic patterns that withhold us for loving ourselves at the deepest level.  

She can be used daily in ritualistic practise alongside using as a Earthy Floral Perfume.

Venus’s Alchemy unveils the process of reawakening who we really are.

Alchemy Tool: Apply Venus daily on Heart & Massage into Womb or Lower Abdomen. 

Trinity Reconnection- Place on Third Eye & Centre of both Shoulders. 

Meditation- Place on Base of both feet to access your pure divine energy (Merkaba).

Ingredients: Rose Otto, Elemis, Samo, Budha wood, Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Bergamot Mint, Palmorosa, Ravintsara, Melissa, Kumquat. Wisteria, Angelsword, Mint Bush. Argan Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Macadamia Oil, Avocado OIl. Herbal Infusions Organic Sweet Voilet, Sacred Tulski, Organic Angelica Root, Wild Madowsweet. Crystal Infusions- Bogi Balls & Serpentine & LOVE 

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