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Alchemy Power Within Me Chakra Roller 10ml

Alchemy Power Within Me Chakra Roller 10ml

POWER WITHIN ME- Kuan Yin (Solar Plexus & Higher Heart Activation) 10ml


Power Within Me shares a knowingness that we each hold all the answers to the questions and desires we seek.It can be related to the opening / cleansing of the Solar Plexus and Higher Heart as it connects us to our Pure Consciousness and Belief Systems around accessing our Highest Potential and Abilities. As we nurture this place that values and reclaims ourselves and our power, it’s only natural to obtain epiphany’s around the dreams we desire. Power Within Me invites you to Manifeast your own dreams as you are the Creator of anything you Believe.

PWM was created with Kuan Yin Master influences of Inner Peace & Unity in mind. She welcomes Strength in Stillness & Presence with our Highest Self. Kuan Yin supports us towards evolving into a new consciousness around relationships and Access to our Puriest Energy Source. Alongside merging these, it creates room for only divine love and interactions as we ascend and celebrate how this sovereignty births pure and authentic flow in our lives.

Directions-Roll over Solar Plexus & Higher Heart Daily. Additionally, use as a ritualistic tool by rolling it along each chakra and behind the ears.

Ingredients: Spikenard, Lime, Lemongrass Cedarwood, Ravintsara, Green Tea Leaf, Ylang Ylang Madagascar, Passionflower, MCT Oil, Prehnite & Adventurine Chips & Love.

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