What is our ARTHO Balm? Our Artho Balm is a soft mixture of CBD oil and anti-inflammatory oils, combined to make a cream like texture that can be easily applied to the body in inflamed areas. It has our proprietary full spectrum CBD, Turmeric, Blackseed & MCT oils that work synergistically to give you maximum benefit and relief.

Our Artho Balm is perfect for sports injuries, injured tendons and ligaments, chronic inflammation and arthritis.


Many other benefits include:

*Acne - yes, it helps clear up the skin!!! (we have great results with teenagers who use this daily)


*Muscle pain

*Joint inflammation






*Nappy rash

*Dry & cracked heels

*Heals burns

*Heals cuts & scraps

*Animal skin conditions

Our Artho Balm can be applied all over the body's extremities and comes in 3 different sizes.

Small 50ml - This size is the perfect travel size and wallet friendly anti-inflammatory companion.

Medium 100ml - If you're looking for longer term use and something to store at home, this size is just for you.

Large 250ml - The perfect size to share with the entire family, this size will last you a VERY long time.


To use: Apply topically daily and reapply as needed. There are no nasty side effects using our natural products.


*No THC in product.