CBD Bath Salts 2000mg 350g

CBD Bath Salts 2000mg 350g

Therapeutic CBD Bath Salts - Tranquil Embrace... repair & regenerate.


Our newest bath salts have been created with love and intention to support and replenish tired aching muscles, reduce inflammation & calm the mind.


The gorgeous alchemist Melissa from Wickart Natural Alchemy Products has handmade these salt blends specifically for Embrace Wellness!  Hours of love, attention & transformative energy has gone into each batch!


Our bath salts contain 2000 strength CBD in Turmeric, Blackseed & MCT oil. 


Each blend contains a combination of herbal extracts, mineral salts, magnesium chloride, CBD oil, essential oils to create whole body tranquility.


If you do not have a bath, we have you covered, these salts can be used in a foot soak as well. 


Create some sacred time just for you, allow the oils to bring a sense of grounded calm and presence in your life!