Turmeric 1000mg 30ml

Turmeric 1000mg 30ml

Our whole plant oil products are formulated to maintain all the naturally occuring cannabinoids, terpenes & flavonoids. All our products are naturally extracted, leaving you with a full spectrum high potency product.


Our Turmeric oil blend is super potent with the combined benefits of whole plant extract, MCT, Blackseed Oil & Turmeric Oil. 


Our 1000mg strength is great for mild conditions. 


Why choose our Turmeric Oil Blend & what are the benefits?

If you have depression, this blend may help your brains receptors to produce  anti-depressent effects, without the side effects of common medications used to treat depression. 


Turmeric is well known in it's ability to help people with Crohn's disease and inflammatory conditions of the bowel and intestines, such as IBS, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis etc. 


Our turmeric blend is a popular buy for those who suffer from arthritis and any form of inflammatory disease of the joints and soft tissues such as bursitis, torn muscles, tight or over stretched tendons and ligaments etc. If you have any type of pain issue in the body, this is the blend for you!


Blood pressure can be lowered and blood naturally thinned, making this a great product for bruising and haematomas. (Caution: do not use this product if you are already taking blood thinning medication. You may like to speak with your MD to work on a plan on swapping over to our natural product instead.)


The turmeric blend can also be used topically, although our Artho Balm product has proven to have all the same benefits for localised inflammation and pain.


This blend is also beneficial for anyone with diabetes as the oil helps with the bodies ability to regulate sugar and also to neutralise the acidity of the body.


This is a proprietary blend specific to Embrace Wellness Oils.