Embrace Canna Relief Stick

Embrace Canna Relief Stick

Want easy roll on application CBD pain relief? Our new product, the "Embrace Canna Pain Relief" is your answer!


We all know and love our artho balm, which is used specifically to reduce inflammation and pain in the body, however our new pain balm is used specifically to reduce pain! Containing a massive 500mg of CBD this balm is one of our strongest products. If you need a great pain reliever then this is the product for you!

It's an easy roll on application to help you with any pain ailment - such as: sprains, broken bones, sore muscles, arthritis, joint pain, aches, general pains.  And best of all it's all natural, so no harmful effects on your kidneys, liver or other organs!

Karate World Champion Renee is a massive advocate for our Embrace Canna Relief Stick - 
"Before I step foot into the dojo, my pre ritual is always apply my Canna Relief Stick, so I can easily get through any session or tournament pain free". I always have a pain stick in my training bag, it's easy to apply and best of all it's not messy in it's application.