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Power Within Me-Who I am Becoming 30ml

Power Within Me-Who I am Becoming 30ml

“As I lay down my hair and listen to the wind connect to each strand, I remember the many names that are all sacred to the me I am fully becoming.”

Each day, minute, moment offers us the chance to know who it is we are becoming;

Children of the Earth, Sky & Universe. One that is loved by all & connected to Creator / God / Source Light.

olar Plexus PWM ~ Your Internal Looking Glass
(Honouring Your Energy & Self Value).

Quan Yin Ritual Oil
I Choose to Heal the Relationship With Myself to Manifest Healed Relationships with Others

Affirmation ~ My consciousness is expanding. I choose to honour my energy by having an awareness around where my boundaries are lacking towards equal energy exchanges.

I choose to welcome these new divine interactions with myself and others.
I am committed to embodying this within myself to therefore mirror this through my experiences with others.

Ingredients: Spikenard, Lime, Lemongrass Cedarwood, Ravintsara, Green Tea Leaf, Ylang Ylang Madagascar, Passionflower, MCT Oil, Adventurine Chips & Love.

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