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Raw Desert Gypsum Rose Selenite Stone

Raw Desert Gypsum Rose Selenite Stone

Metaphysical Properties of Desert Rose Selenite: Desert Rose Selenite holds the properties of Selenite, while also exhibiting a few of its own. It radiates energies of protection and purification.


Desert Rose Selenite is said to absorb negative energy and emotions, and return it to the Earth so it can heal. It carries a gentle calming and vitalizing energy. Desert Rose Selenite purifies the space around you, and removes barriers to spiritual growth.


By helping to clear your mind, Desert Rose Selenite helps open you to your own inner truth. It can guide you and access your intuition. Desert Rose Selenite relieves stress and enhances your personal power so that you can proceed with a clear mind and a cleansed aura.

Size: approx 1.5cm in diameter 


PLEASE NOTE: Selenite is form of gypsum which is a soft & porous mineral.

Therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT to keep your Selenite dry. Selenite will almost always have some form of chips, nicks, flaking, inclusions and other imperfections. Drilled holes, Etchings, or engravings may also not be perfectly centered or straight.

As you use your selenite for cleansing, scratches and chips will be unavoidable, but the markings make each piece special and uniquely yours!

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