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Yoni Eggs- Black Obsidian

Yoni Eggs- Black Obsidian

Yoni Eggs are a tool that women have used for thousands of years to improve their pelvic floor strength and their sexual connection. Traditionally it was also used to circulate sexual energy into spiritual energy - moving the life force throughout the body.

Here are some transformational benefits - some albeit unexpected! - that you may experience by using your yoni egg -


  1. Balance menstrual cycles.
  2. Foster urinary and digestive health.
  3. Increase libido and orgasms.
  4. Soothe menstrual cramps.
  5. Strengthen vaginal muscles. 
  6. Heal past trauma stored in womb. 
  7. Awaken internal pleasure zones.


🖤 The potent energy of obsidian, quickly cooled volcanic lava, can be attributed to its origin as the interaction of raw and powerful elements of the earth, water, and fire. Obsidian is an exquisite stone that is extremely physically sharp, and this quality is also seen on the metaphysical level. Obsidian acts like a knife to cut through limits, deception, behaviors and thought patterns that no longer serves us, and can catalyze change and result in quick and immediate results. 


Channeling a heart-felt intention into the crystal and inserting it *when you’re open and ready* can be a beautiful way to associate love and healing with your yoni, rather than pain and dis-ease.

Using something egg-shaped (the feminine sign of new life) can be a healing experience in itself, rather than using something long and phallic, which may trigger trauma.


🖤 Black Obsidian is the best stone to work with if you’re holding negative energy that needs to be release.


Our Yoni eggs come in sizes, SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE 

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