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Embrace Wellness Oils is the vision of Victoria Gilbert to bring natural food-grade products front and centre in the lives of those who were failed by other means.

Through her personal experience, she wanted to help the wider community and started creating blends of full-spectrum essential oils infused into natural food-grade oils.

Through studying the health benefits of food oils such as MCT, Turmeric Oil, Blackseed Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Oregano Oil & Ginger Oil when combined with full-spectrum oils they created a series of products to assist many ailments.

The Terpenes found in these plants not only combined but increased the already existing benefits of full-spectrum oils as many of the terpenes became doubled or tripled in the blends as they would be found in all the oils in the blend.

After seeing so many placebo-strength products on the market that meant clients were taking large amounts of oil into the mouth rather than a few drops we created blends starting at 1000mg so clients would often experience immediate effects.


What makes the oils so powerful is the lack of interference with the natural chemical make-up of the plants through CO2 extraction as well as pesticide and fertilizer-free growing environments ensuring only the best end product for our clients.


Every batch of oil is tested for purity and strength ensuring the high standards that clients have come to love and respect over the years time and time again. Our clients are not just numbers as we have regular communication with many who often prefer consultation to ensure they are getting the best blend for their needs.

Time, testing and research go into each and every product before being released to the public. Every blend and product is thought out to create well-being and healing benefits.

Embrace Wellness has an amazing team of practitioners ensuring our client's needs are identified, addressed and treated with the utmost respect, ensuring a heart-centred experience for those seeking to Embrace Wellness.

Embrace Wellness Oils also donates thousands of dollars of oils each month to palliative patients in the hope that quality of life will be seen as a vital gift for patients and their families.

We aim to be the epicenter of healing, knowledge, unity & learning so that love radiates in all we do in service.

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